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When Bail Bonds go Bad

By Ryan M, Wells

Bail bonds don’t really have that much potential to go bad in the initial stages. After all, not much money will have changed hands and, as long as you’re dealing with a trustworthy Asheville bail bond agency, there’s not much that can really go wrong. However, they really go downhill if forfeiture occurs, which is perhaps the worst part of the bail bonds process, and something you’ll want to avoid. When forfeiture happens, you’re essentially going to have to hand over any collateral you initially offered in order to pay for the full amount of the bail bond. You may be able to pay by another means, but given the large amounts of money that we’re talking about, this is unlikely. What’s more worrying is the fact that, if forfeiture has occurred, the defendant is probably in much deeper trouble, but this doesn’t really concern the bail bonds process specifically.

To try and avoid forfeiture, you need to take steps to make sure that the conditions set out in the bail bond are fulfilled. There normally aren’t many, and 90% of bail bonds will only say that the defendant must appear in court on a specific date. Whilst that shouldn’t be too hard to achieve, if the defendant becomes desperate or panics about their situation, you’re both going to be in trouble. You need to make sure that they are in a calm state of mind, that they understand the risk you have taken to bail them out of jail and that you keep track of their movements. If you just let the arrestee walk off into the sunset and then expect them to turn up to court when summoned, you could be in for a nasty surprise.

Obviously if it’s a family member you’re going to trust them pretty heavily, but you have to understand that when faced with the prospect of going to court, people become naturally nervous. It’s a good idea to stay by that person’s side in the days leading up to the court date so that you can reassure them about the process. This not only helps you make sure that they appear in court and that you avoid forfeiture, it can also be a mentally stabilizing thing for the defendant, so it’s really something you should consider doing if you have the chance.

If forfeiture does occur, then things can spiral pretty quickly, so it’s really something that you don’t want to happen, unless you’ve got huge amounts of money and don’t need to worry, which is unlikely. The bail bonds process is incredibly easy, but that also means that people often bail someone out of the Asheville jail without actually thinking about the consequences. If you’re put in this situation, take the time to think about the decisions you are making and assess your options. If your gut instinct tells you that getting involved with the bail bonds process is a bad idea, follow that instinct!

About the Author: Ryan Wells is a Florida Bail Agent who can service Asheville Bail Bonds and can also provide Nationwide bail bonds service.

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